Specific analysis allows to assess the quality and purity of the final product and its conservation, such as:

  • Peroxide value
  • p-Anisidine Index
  • Rancimat stability
  • Polar Compounds

By means of the purity analysis, the composition of the oil or fat of the food, feed, or cosmetic can be determined.

The stability determination of fats and oils is an essential measure in the human and animal food industry and in the pharmaceutical-cosmetic industry.

Industria Agroalimentaria

The determination of Rancimat stability is applied in the food industry to fats and pure oils, to fats which form part of foods, and to partially hydrogenated oils.

In the fried food field, it is important to highlight the analytical determination of Polar Compounds, which is performed in fryer oil, or in the oil extracted from fried food such as appetizers, snacks, etc. It is important to know in which moment the fryer oil should be replaced to guarantee the quality of the final product.

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The pharmaceutical-cosmetic industry uses oils as excipients or as active principles and it must assure their quality and long conservation.

The Rancimat stability test is very important in the animal food industry, because fats are part of all feed and it is essential to ensure feed conservation.

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