Use of electronic signature in all our reports

Published Oct 19 2017

Dear client,

We are writing to inform you of the use of electronic signature in all our reports from now on. This is aligned with our efforts to improve the quality of our report delivery service, and comply with the high quality requirements in the delivery of reports by laboratories. From last week all the reports sent by email to our cotumers have already the electronic signature.

The signature in electronic format will be found at the bottom of the last page of the results report, next to the rubric, under the name “Document electronically signed and certified by:” followed by the name of the responsible person.

Its use gives a number of advantages in terms of quality of service and safety in the format used:

  • Acknowledgment of who signs and validity of the signature.
  • Total and complete validity of the PDF format sent to the client via email.
  • Inability to modify the content of the report-pdf file. Any subsequent modification would be reflected in the registration of the electronic signature of the pdf file. Any report-pdf file with any modification would not be valid, as it would prove that it is not the original.

We inform you the phrase “There is one of the signatures that presents problems” that can appear in the pdf digital format may be because your computer does not record the signature as known. The appearance of this sentence does not affect the validity of the electronic signature, but if you would like to make this sentence disappear, you must go to the Signature Panel, go to the signature of the certificate and in details of signing, in details of the certificate, add the firm as trusted identities. Once these steps are done, you should no longer see the phrase “There are any signatures that presents problems”. If you request it, we can send you a document explaining carefully how to perform the steps discussed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your trust in our laboratory,

Dept. Administration

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